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View the data from GPS logs on the PC
Question by Patrick BUCAU
January 7, 2024

I use soft during long time and a lot of traces are recorded on my computer and not exported.
What is the directory who can record all traces to export all on new computer please ?
Thank in advance.
Patrick (from France)

Answer by Akash Shah

The directory where the traces are recorded in the CanWay program for Windows may vary depending on the specific configuration and settings of the software. Typically, you can check the program's documentation or settings to find out the default directory for trace recordings. If you are unable to locate the directory, you may consider contacting the software support team for further assistance.

Question by Ása
August 29, 2023

I'm using CanWay to import gps tracks from multiple GPS trackers. I've now imported all the tracks but when I click on the data log to see information on each track in the track list I keep getting this error message:
"An application error occured. Please contact the administrator with the following information: /n/nThe given key was not present in the dictionary...."
and am unable to do anything except close the program.
Does anyone have any idea or some experience with this error?
Who do I contact? I can't seem to find any email to CanWay customer support.

Rajesh Gupta
Answer by Rajesh Gupta

It seems that you are experiencing an error with the CanWay software. Unfortunately, it is unclear who you can contact for customer support as you mentioned not finding any email address. You may want to try searching for CanWay's official website or look for any online forums or communities where users of CanWay software might be able to provide assistance.

Question by Guest
March 14, 2023


I want to record my path on my motorbike on dirt track. Problem is sometimes I run fast, and other time I am very slow or stop for a break. In slow movement and/or stop, I have a lot of error due to GPS misprecision.

Could you give me the right parameter I need to set up on my datalogger to solve this problem ?

Rajesh Gupta
Answer by Rajesh Gupta

When recording your path on your motorbike, you can try adjusting the GPS accuracy and sampling rate settings in CanWay to improve the precision during slow movement or stops. You may also want to consider using an external GPS antenna for a stronger signal.

Question by Günther
April 25, 2019

I have a GT-730 logger for some years now. Until 03.04.2019 everything was OK. Since 07.04.2019 I observe a wrong date.
22.08.1999 instead of 07.04.2019 => a difference of 7168 days! (or 19,625 years)

I reinstalled the software on a second test computer. Same problem. I am using the software version 1.1.12.

Is it possible that a limit value has been reached in the software for the date? Do other users have similar experiences?
I would be very happy about feedback - positive or negative.

Answer by Annika D

I have the same issue.
Some time ago, my friend got a mail from Tom Tom, that there was a change in the coordinate-systems and that there were software changes required in order to get the TomTom work correctly after this change. Something about a leap second... so as far as i know right now: there needs to be a change made by some software to be made.

but i don't know if it's the firmware of the logger or the program with which i try to load the data from the logger that needs to be changed. Sadly, as far as i know, right now, no updates for any component for my logger is available. I hope for a solution very soon!!

Question by Guest
September 22, 2014

I can't install it under Windows 7 64bit. Any suggestions?

Answer by Julia Bocchetta

I have downloaded the latest version of the software and it's working just fine. Download the application through the official website and then launch the installation process using Run as Administrator on file.

You can download it using the direct download URL as well:

Question by Martin
April 5, 2018

Hello, I use the GPS Logger GT-750, and have a Windows 7 64Bit system. The software 1.1.09 is working, but I cannot use the "Show in Google Earth" Button, I get a long error message.

After installing software 1.1.12 the Canway Software is not starting at all. The starting screen appears and 3 seconds later the program closes itself automatically. I cannot get it started. Do you have any idea?
Furthermore, is it possible to get a *.kml file with altitude information? I want to export my flying tour, but when exporting it to .kml or .kmz I only see Altitude=0?

Thanks for the help.

Answer by Robert Polubinski

Try applying a compatibility tweak on the main executable file. This means you'll have to right click the CanWay executable or shortcut, then go to Properties > Compatibility. Select a previous version of Windows (preferably Windows XP or 7) and then tick the Run as Administrator function as well.

I've started the application and the Show in Google Earth button is not working as well. But I managed to obtain a GPX sample file and loaded it, then the button worked normally. It's also necessary to have the Google Earth application installed on your PC.

To have altitude displayed in KML files, you'll need GPS Visualizer. I also recommend studying the documentation presented by Google.

Question by Dan
April 2, 2015

I cannot get the CanWay software provided with a GPS Sport-Guide Mate or GPS-101 from CanMore working under Windows 7. I have tried several versions back to version 1.1.09 and no one is working. Can you help?

Answer by Dan Angel

In order to fix the problem, I recommend you download and install the latest version of the software. CanWay 1.1.12 is fully compatible with Windows 7 on both 32 and 64-bit architectures. If you have problems, I recommend you contact the support team.

Question by Ron Hagley
February 4, 2019
Answer by Roland Diskayne

This software is available only for PC, if you own a device with Android then you can try GPS Logger program.

Question by Guest
October 3, 2014

How can I load the POIs from Canmore GP102+ on Windows Vista?

Stephen Prastman
Answer by Stephen Prastman

You can import POIs to CanWay in GPX format. This is the only format allowed by the application to import. If you have the POIs in their native format, use Google to look for services that convert the POIs to GPX automatically, then you can import them into CanWay. There are many services that you can use to convert the POIs. The first 5-6 links should help you with your request.

Answer by Julia Bocchetta

The application does not have a built-in print function which means that everything you add onto the application can't be printed. However, you still have the possibility to save the data loaded as CSV file. This means that you can save it as a CSV and then open the file with any text editor and perform the printing this way. You can't print pictures, though.

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